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My achin' back...

Final Community Cup Training 2011
Elsternwick Park, Monday 20th June 2011

Leis, Luaus and Alohas
Tiki Lounge & Bar, Friday 24th June 2011

with Don Fernando, the Level Spirits, Money For Rope, The Meanies
Corner Hotel, Friday 24th June 2011

Stuart Speed Memorial
with Sarah Carroll & Marcel Borrack, Craig Pilkington & Barb Waters, Tanya-Lee Davies, Monique DiMattina, Jody Bell, Mick Thomas & the Sure Thing
Bar Open, Saturday 25th June 2011

Reclink Community Cup 2011
with Red Rockets of Borneo, The Mercy Kills, The Rebelles, Tumbleweed, You Am I, Barry Morgan
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 26th June 2011
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Monster Session 2011

raising money for M.S. Australia
with the F--- F---s, The Kelpies, Poppin Mommas, Seminal Rats, Asylum, Splatterheads, Screamfeeder, Grong Grong, Lime Spiders, Bored!, The Meanies, Cosmic Psychos, X
I did not see: Depression, Vicious Circle, The Fireballs
Esplanade Hotel, Saturday 21st May 2011

The F--- F---s

The Kelpies

Poppin Mommas

Seminal Rats




Grong Grong

Lime Spiders


The Meanies

Cosmic Psychos

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Lil' Band O' Gold Sept/Oct 2010 Melbourne Tour

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Espy Rockdogs Pie Night/Reclink Community Cup 2010

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Someday We'll Find It - A Rock n Roll Tribute to Jim Henson

with Eagle & the Worm, Ukeladies, Geoff O'Connor & Jessica Says, Sophie Brous with the Bangin Rackettes, Your Animal, Jade Blaire, The UV Race, Lilith Lane & Manas Pandey, Super Wild Horses, Andy Moore, Shags Chamberlain, Miles Browne & Bum Creek, Ooga Boogas, Extreme Wheeze & Evelyn Morris, Suitcase Royale, Clem Bastow, Jess McGuire, Tony Biggs, plus extra special guest Kahmal
Thornbury Theatre, Sunday 16th May 2010

Photos here:

Statler and Waldorf

Eagle & The Worm + Sexy Chicken Showgirls, Quincy Pond & The Thornbury Primary School Sock Puppet Choir - The Muppet Show Intro

The Ukeladies Vs Heavy Mental Plus Thornbury Primary School - Having A Kokomo Battle

Geoff O'connor & Jessica Says Plus Thirnbury Primary Fruit & Veg Puppet Choir - Yes We Have No Bananas

Swedish Chef

Sophia Brous As Racquel Welch And Simone Page Jones As Miss Piggy - I'm A Woman

Your Animal With The Bangin Rackettes & Jade Blair As Lydia The Tattooed Lady

The Suitcase Royale - Cigarettes & Whiskey

The UV Race - Sax & Violence Followed By Mahnah Mahnah

Mahnah Mahnah

News Desk - Richie 1250

Guy Black Man As Rowlf & Clem Bastow As Cher - I Got You Babe


Miss Piggy Dance Routine

Super Wild Horses As Janice And Andy Moore (Digger & The Pussycats) As Animal - Wild Thing

Shags Chamberlain, Miles Brown (The Night Terrors) & Bum Creek As The Yip Yips

Ooga Boogas As George The Janitor Featuring The Raggmopps - Hugga Wugga

Manas Pandey & Lilith Lane As Wayne & Wanda - Let It Snow

Extreme Wheeze And Evelyn Morris (Pikelet) - It Ain't Easy Being Green

The Rainbow Connection
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Something Good - A Tribute to Carole King

Benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
with Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar, Wes Snelling, Pastel Vespa, Andrew McClelland and the Monkees, Elana Stone, Kelly Wolfgramm, Geraldine Quinn, Penny Larkins, Carl Pannuzzo, Georgia Fields, Aurora Kurth, Defah Dattner, Clare Bowditch, Die Roten Punkte, Eddie Perfect, Kirsty Joosten, Tripod, Mike McLeish, Gabe Andrews, DEATHCLOCK (Axis of Awesome and Dead Cat Bounce), Rebecca Barnard, Xani and Meg Kolac, Lior, Nick Roy, Ali McGregor
Trades Hall, Saturday 10th April 2010

Wes Snelling

Scott Edgar and the Scottettes

Pastel Vespa

Andrew McClelland and the Monkees

Scott Edgar and Elana Stone

Kelly Wolfgramm

Geraldine Quinn

Penny Larkins

Carl Pannuzzo

Georgia Fields

Lady Garden: Defah Dattner, Clare Bowditch, Aurora Kurth

Die Roten Punkte

Eddie Perfect

Kirsty Joosten


Mike McLeish and Gabe Andrews

DEATHCLOCK (Axis of Awesome and Dead Cat Bounce)

Casey Bennetto

Rebecca Barnard

Xani and Meg Kolac


Nick Roy

Ali McGregor

Elana Stone

Last Song
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Apollo Bay Music Festival 2010

Sunday 28th March 2010
Dan Warner & the Night Parrots, Large Number 12s, JVG Radio Method, Anthony Morgan, Caitlin Harnett, Ian Bland, The Ronson Hangup, Phil Langdon, Princess 1.5, Wolfgramm Sisters, Ash Naylor, Bay of Pigs, Claire Jenkins, The Band Who Knew Too Much, Eddi Reader

Dan Warner & the Night Parrots

Large Number 12s

JVG Radio Method with special guests Anthony Morgan, Caitlin Harnett, Ian Bland, The Ronson Hangup, Phil Langdon, Princess 1.5, Wolfgramm Sisters, Ash Naylor, Dan Warner, Bay of Pigs, Claire Jenkins

The Band Who Knew Too Much with special guest Eddi Reader
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Where the hell is Nymagee?